About Us

Hi there, my name's Darren Wilson and its good to welcome you to my website. Surprisingly I'm actually a tiler by trade however I started developing and making websites roughly 9 years back. Rather an extreme change it might seem even so I fell into it successfully and at present it simply is "what I do". Whilst quite often I build internet sites for enjoyment, I do in fact additionally try to earn a bit of revenue from it (to pay for domain names, hosting for example). To be frank I've found it an exilerating challenge, brainstorming ideas and implementing them.

Easy to use, simple sites will invariably be my goal, displaying content that is quick loading and which doesn't feature junk that you do not want or need. I am hopeful that I've accomplished that with this website or at the very least you've not been irritated by your time here, possibly you will even have benefited from the exercise. If so then I have triumphed in my goal.

I'm not a bricklayer myself therefore please don't contact me with inquiries connected with bricklaying or to get quotations for bricklaying projects, this website is designed to steer you through the alternative ways to search for a reputable bricklayer for yourself.

I cannot endorse or recommend any particular service, I've purely indicated some techniques for finding one, the decision is in the end down to you.

Many thanks again for browsing around and I would love to see you here again soon. Darren Wilson - Brickery UK